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Our mission is to provide accurate, evidence-based information about peptides. is the premier and most trusted peptides resource online today. Since founding, the team has specialized in keeping up-to-date with the latest scientific studies and research regarding these up-and-coming products.

From clinical data and research studies to cutting-edge breakthroughs with unique use-cases, will provide researchers with everything they need to utilize peptides safely and properly.

Our Team

Made up of seasoned medical practitioners and researchers, provides the most accurate and concise information on therapeutic peptides. 

Our distinguished contributors include aerospace physiology expert Dr. David Warmflash and dietetics physician Dr. Dimitar Marinov. Educator and clinician Dr. Daniel López brings expertise in phytopharmaceuticals, while regulatory specialist Dr. Dick Brashier lends his wealth of experience in pharmacovigilance. 

With over 30 years as a top pediatric nephrologist, Dr. Glenn Bock rounds out our trusted team of widely published medical writers and leaders within their respective fields.

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