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Titus Thorne

 November 17, 2021

Where can you buy BPC-157 these days? All the while, ensuring you get the highest-quality version of this therapeutic peptide delivered to your home?

Ordering peptides like BPC-157 online can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you don’t know how to properly vet vendors.

So far, anecdotal reports from test subjects show that BPC-157 is a miracle peptide for healing tendon, bone, muscle and ligament injures at speeds which are not naturally possible.

Several studies done in animals and cell cultures – along with a few human clinical trials – show no reported adverse side effects, regardless of the dosage.

If all of this is true, you may be wondering about where to buy BPC-157 online.

But don’t whip out your credit card and complete your purchase so quickly!

First, you need to understand what BPC-157 is and its potential effects in human research subjects.

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Disclaimer: ResearchPeptides.org contains information about products that are intended for laboratory and research use only, unless otherwise explicitly stated. This information, including any referenced scientific or clinical research, is made available for educational purposes only. ResearchPeptides.org makes every effort to ensure that any information it shares complies with national and international standards for clinical trial information and is committed to the timely disclosure of the design and results of all interventional clinical studies for innovative treatments publicly available or that may be made available. However, research is not considered conclusive. ResearchPeptides.org makes no claims that any products referenced can cure, treat or prevent any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials.

What is BPC-157?

In case you’re wondering, the “BPC” in BPC-157 stands for “Body Protecting Compound.”

BPC-157 is a synthetic protein, which is made from a biologically active sequence of 15 amino acids derived from a naturally occurring peptide.

The naturally occurring peptide is found in gastric juices, which is why researchers have been eagerly studying BPC-157 for its ability to promote gut health [1].

According to a comprehensive aggregation of all the scientific data on BPC-157 to date, the following benefits have been observed in rats [2]:

  • Exerts protective effects during damaging surgical procedures or administration of a toxic substance
  • Heals organ, bone and joint damage
  • Treats stomach ulcers
  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

Interestingly enough, the side effects of BPC-157 are non-existent as researchers have yet to find any!

And although you won’t hear about this in any news tabloids, there are several functional medicine physicians who have been using BPC-157 for years.

Here is a testimonial from one of their patients [3]:

“I just had a patient come back yesterday who I had put on BPC 157 for severe debilitating muscle and nerve pain from a car accident years ago but without any findings on MRI that would warrant surgery.

She said that after 2 months on the peptide her pain is 70% improved. Several other patients are coming back who had been on the BPC for GI related inflammation and they also report significant improvements.”

Now you may be wondering: Isn’t it illegal to use BPC-157, since it technically is not approved by the FDA?

To spare you the legal explanation, it is technically acceptable for a doctor to prescribe non-FDA-approved drugs if certain precautions are met [4]:

“After review, if the [doctor] decides that there is sound medical evidence and it is in the patient’s best interest to use a non-FDA approved device, he or she should conduct and document a thorough and careful informed consent discussion.

The patient should be informed of the nature of the technique or device being used, its scientific basis, its benefits, and any possible drawbacks or criticisms from other practitioners.”

And for the athletes and bodybuilders reading this, there aren’t any sports organizations who have officially declared BPC-157 to be a banned substance.

This makes BPC-157 a “grey market” drug as there is no definitive stance on whether it can be used in preparation for sporting events.

The only argument you could make is if an organization like the NCAA bans substances under the category “Peptide Hormones and Analogues”.

In this case, they usually make the following disclaimer [5]:

“Any substance that is chemically related to one of the above classes, even if it is not listed as an example, is also banned!”

With that being said, peptides like BPC-157 are not listed for human consumption.

The only data we have on BPC-157 being used in humans comes from anecdotal reports in which experimental observations are noted, along with a handful of small clinical trials.


Benefits of BPC-157

One of the unfortunate outcomes of having diabetes is that injuries generally tend to heal at a much slower pace.

Intrigued by this, researchers took rats with extremely high blood sugar levels, an indicator of diabetes, and created wounds in their skin.

When BPC-157 was administered daily for 7 days, the injured rats experienced a dramatic increase in the rate of tissue regeneration within the skin [6].

This led researchers to believe that BPC-157 could be a viable alternative compared to other standard medications for treating wounds such as Becaplermin.

BPC-157 Enhances The Healing Effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

In tendon cells isolated from male rats, BPC-157 was found to enhance the expression of growth hormone receptor.

This could lead to the secretion of more HGH and heal the tendon even faster [7].

And in case you’ve forgotten about the healing properties of HGH, allow me to bring you up to speed [8]:

“HGH helps to maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs.

This hormone can help to speed up healing after an injury and repair muscle tissue after exercise. This helps to build muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn fat.”

BPC-157 Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

In two small-scale human clinical trials, BPC-157 was shown to have beneficial effects in treating IBD [9].

There was a complete absence of toxic outcomes or adverse side effects in both trials.

Furthermore, there was no lethality and BPC-157 appeared to work in a different manner from existing medications known to cause numerous side effects.

BPC-157 May Improve Digestive Function

A common outcome of intra-abdominal surgery – or those with digestive health problems – is a gastrointestinal fistula (GIF).

When this happens, your digestive tract has a large opening which causes your stomach to be filled with gastric fluids, and this can lead to a dangerous infection.

When rats with GIF were treated with BPC-157 once a day, the fistulas were fully healed and closed up after 46 days of administering the peptide [10].

BPC-157 Could Heal Muscle Injuries

In a 2006 study, Croatian researchers cut up the quadriceps muscle in rats in a way where healing was previously believed to be impossible.

Using BPC-157 30 minutes and 24 hours after the injury allowed the muscle tissue to regenerate [11].

Additionally, functionality was restored to the quadriceps muscle tissue.

Buying BPC-157 Online vs. Prescription?

I’m going to be straightforward with you: It is EXTREMELY difficult to get a prescription for therapeutic peptides such as BPC-157.

First, you need to find a doctor who has experience with successfully prescribing and using peptides in their patients.

Less than 1% of the doctors in the world are even aware of the existence of said peptides.

You will have to go searching far and wide to locate a clinic where BPC-157 is prescribed.

And if you are unwilling to travel to an out-of-city or out-of-state clinic, you’d best hope they have telemedicine consultations available.

Assuming you get through this hurdle, the doctor MUST see a clinical need for prescribing BPC-157 which beats out conventional treatment options.

This is done via a comprehensive medical examination and questionnaire to see if BPC-157 is right for you.

Depending on your doctor’s perspective, they may be unwilling to give you a prescription.

One owner of an Australian peptides distribution company even commented on how often they turn down several patient requests for peptides [12]:

“[Particularly] if a patient comes and asks me for a specific peptide and it's not right for them. It's the same as if an anti-biotic was unsuitable for a patient, we don't just prescribe it.”

This is largely due to the strict code of conduct which physicians must operate by.

If a medical board finds them guilty of improperly prescribing peptides without a sufficient therapeutic indication, they risk having their license taken away [13].

Even if you jump over all of these obstacles, you still need to find a compounding pharmacy who can properly formulate BPC-157 for you.

This means spending even more money and time attempting to buy BPC-157.

To make a very long story short, going the prescription route is simply not worth it.

But luckily for you, there is a legitimate and safe way to buy BPC-157 without any hassle.


Where to Buy BPC-157 Online? | 2021 Guide

This is largely due to the strict code of conduct which physicians must operate by.

If a medical board finds them guilty of improperly prescribing peptides without a sufficient therapeutic indication, they risk having their license taken away [13].

Even if you jump over all of these obstacles, you still need to find a compounding pharmacy who can properly formulate BPC-157 for you.

This means spending even more money and time attempting to buy BPC-157.

To make a very long story short, going the prescription route is simply not worth it.

But luckily for you, there is a legitimate and safe way to buy BPC-157 without any hassle.

  • Secure Transactions: You are giving away your payment information online. As such, you need to vet the vendor’s security measures. Encrypted payment methods are an absolute minimum.
  • Independent Third-Party Reviews: Reviews may be available on the vendor’s site, but you should do your due diligence. Look at both the positive and critical reviews to get an idea of what the buying experience is like.
  • Return/Refund Policy: What is the company’s stance on orders which get seized by customs and/or arrive at your doorstep defective? Do they offer any kind of a money-back guarantee?
  • Rigorous Product Testing: You want the highest-quality BPC-157 you can get your hands on, free of contamination. The vendor should be doing several extensive quality checks to verify the identity and purity of each peptide.

Additionally, you will want to see a product disclaimer which goes something like this:

“THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED AS A RESEARCH CHEMICAL ONLY. This designation allows the use of research chemicals strictly for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation only.

All product information available on this website is for educational purposes only. Bodily introduction of any kind into humans or animals is strictly forbidden by law.

This product should be handled by licensed, qualified professionals. This product is not a drug, food or cosmetic and may not be misbranded, misused or mislabeled as a drug, food or cosmetic.”

If you go through all of the steps above, you will be able to get pure BPC-157 delivered to your home.

Fortunately, there is one peptides vendor online which satisfies all of the above at an extremely high standard

Buy BPC-157 from our #1 recommended vendor...

The #1 Place To Legally Buy BPC-157 Online

The one online vendor which receives my full endorsement for anyone who wants to buy BPC-157 is Peptide Sciences.

There are multiple reasons why you should buy BPC-157 online from this vendor and nobody else:

100% Secure Shopping

Using the latest SSL technology, your private information will remain fully encrypted and protected.

You will never have to worry about accidental data breaches or leaks of your personal data.

Generous Shipping Rates & Delivery To Over 170 Countries

Peptide Sciences gives FREE shipping on orders over $200, and a reasonable flat fee of $15 for orders under $200.

When you order BPC-157, you can save 4% if you buy bottes and up to 11% if you buy 20 bottles in a single order.

All orders ship 24 hours following your purchase, arriving in 2-3 business days for deliveries to the United States and 7-10 days for international countries.

Superior Customer Service

These guys are easily reachable by the phone number and email address listed on their website.

When I emailed them with a few concerns, I got a reply within 24 hours that contained helpful information from the customer service representative.

Peptide Sciences takes care of their customers like family and it really shows in the level of service they provide.

Pure, High-Quality Peptides

This is the part you were probably looking for!

Peptide Sciences ensures every single product exceeds 99% purity, so you’re guaranteed to receive the purest peptides you’ll find on the Internet.

Not only do they partner with internationally-certified manufacturers, but extensive quality control tests are done at each stage of the manufacturing process.

This is their way of verifying the accuracy, potency and purity of every peptide.

Did I also mention their products are 100% USA-made? No other country is subject to the rigorous standards required to synthesize peptides.

Since their peptides are used in clinical trials and animal studies, they have no other choice but to step up their game.

Several Options For Completing Your Purchase

Whether you want to pay via credit card or through an electronic check, Peptide Sciences has numerous options available for payment.

You can also pay through cryptocurrency or third-party alternatives such as Venmo, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with this vendor.

Combined with very fair prices and an informative website full of educational articles, Peptide Sciences is hands-down the best place to buy BPC-157.

Buy BPC-157 from our #1 recommended vendor...

How to Order BPC-157 in Your Country

You can only order BPC-157 online if your vendor allows for your order to be delivered to your country.

When you go to the checkout cart, you will have the option to select your country while filling out your billing address.

If your country appears, you are good to go.

If your country does not appear, I’m afraid you’re out of luck and need to try a different vendor.

Should you choose Peptide Sciences as your vendor for buying BPC-157, the one-step checkout makes this process quick and easy:

buy tb-500

Just select “Country” and locate your country – it’s simple as pie.

BPC-157 vs. Thymosin Beta-4?

According to anecdotal reports from research subjects who regularly use peptides, BPC-157 and TB-500 are considered to be the ultimate “healing stack.”

TB-500 is the synthetic variant of the naturally occurring Thymosin Beta-4, found in both human and animal cells.

Through the upregulation of the protein known as actin, it keeps the structural integrity of cells intact and allows them to function properly [14].

This is especially seen in muscle tissue, which TB-500 is best known for healing.

BPC-157, on the other hand, is better known for improving digestive health and reducing inflammation in the body.

One is not better than the other, as both of them work synergistically to fix injuries and lead to a faster recovery where functional movement is restored.

There is some debate about their effects, but TB-500 is generally believed to be systemic while BPC-157 tends to act locally.

If you’re going to use both simultaneously, the best way to do so is through a mixed peptide blend where you get BPC-157 and TB-500 in the same bottle.


Is It Worth the Risk? | Verdict

So should you buy BPC-157 from an online vendor?

Absolutely – you know exactly where to buy BPC-157 online and you know about the importance of sourcing the peptide from a legitimate company.

Once it arrives at your door, just make sure you use the right BPC-157 dose to get the healing effect you want.

And make sure you have miscellaneous items such as bacteriostatic water and sterile needles to safely make the injection.

Buy BPC-157 from our #1 recommended vendor...


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