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BPC-157 is a 15-amino acid peptide that occurs naturally in human gastric juices. A fragment of Body Protection Peptide, BPC-157 promotes angiogenesis and is instrumental to the functioning of the GI tract, where it can aid with conditions like inflammation, leaky gut, and Crohn’s disease.


With a favorable safety profile based on the research to date, BPC-157 is actively studied in contexts of wound healing, injury recovery, neuroprotection, and muscle repair.

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    What is BPC-157?

    The “BPC” in BPC-157 stands for “Body Protecting Compound”.

    BPC-157 is a synthetic protein, which is made from a biologically active sequence of 15 amino acids derived from a naturally occurring peptide.

    The naturally occurring peptide is found in gastric juices, which is why researchers have been eagerly studying BPC-157 for its ability to promote gut health [1].

    According to a comprehensive aggregation of all the scientific data on BPC-157 to date, the following benefits have been observed in rats [2]:

    • Exerts protective effects during damaging surgical procedures or administration of a toxic substance
    • Heals organ, bone, and joint damage
    • Treats stomach ulcers
    • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties

    While the side effects of BPC-157 appear to be non-existent, very little research involving human test subjects exists [3]:

    While BPC-157 is not approved by the FDA, it can be purchased by researchers and, in rare cases, can be prescribed by a doctor in certain circumstances.

    To spare the legal explanation, it is technically acceptable for a doctor to prescribe non-FDA-approved drugs if certain precautions are met [4]:

    “After review, if the [doctor] decides that there is sound medical evidence and it is in the patient’s best interest to use a non-FDA approved device, he or she should conduct and document a thorough and careful informed consent discussion.

    The patient should be informed of the nature of the technique or device being used, its scientific basis, its benefits, and any possible drawbacks or criticisms from other practitioners.”

    To date, no sports organizations have officially declared BPC-157 to be a banned substance but it is possible that an organization like the NCAA could prohibit it under the category “Peptide Hormones and Analogues” [5]:

    “Any substance that is chemically related to one of the above classes, even if it is not listed as an example, is also banned!”

    With that being said, peptides like BPC-157 are not listed for human consumption. BPC-157 is only to be used in research applications by qualified professionals.

    The only data we have on BPC-157 being used in humans comes from a handful of small clinical trials, as such, finding a proper dosage can be difficult.

    Now, let’s dive into the documented effects of BPC-157 in the following section.

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    Benefits of BPC-157

    Here is a summary of the main effects and benefits of BPC-157 observed during past clinical studies and animal studies.

    Potential alternative to Becaplermin

    One of the unfortunate outcomes of having diabetes is that injuries generally tend to heal at a much slower pace.

    Intrigued by this, researchers took rats with extremely high blood sugar levels, an indicator of diabetes, and created wounds in their skin.

    When BPC-157 was administered daily for seven days, the injured rats experienced a dramatic increase in the rate of tissue regeneration within the skin [6].

    This led researchers to believe that BPC-157 could be a viable alternative compared to other standard medications for treating wounds such as Becaplermin.

    BPC-157 enhances the healing effects of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

    In tendon cells isolated from male rats, BPC-157 was found to enhance the expression of growth hormone receptors.

    This could potentially lead to the secretion of more HGH and heal the tendon even faster [7].

    The purported healing properties of HGH are numerous [8]:

    “HGH helps to maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs.

    This hormone can help to speed up healing after an injury and repair muscle tissue after exercise. This helps to build muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn fat.”

    BPC-157 treats inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

    In two small-scale human clinical trials, BPC-157 was shown to have beneficial effects in treating IBD [9].

    There was a complete absence of toxic outcomes or adverse side effects in both trials.

    Furthermore, there was no lethality and BPC-157 appeared to work in a different manner from existing medications known to cause numerous side effects.

    BPC-157 may improve digestive function

    A common outcome of intra-abdominal surgery – or those with digestive health problems - is a gastrointestinal fistula (GIF).

    When this happens, the digestive tract has a large opening which causes the stomach to be filled with gastric fluids, and this can lead to a dangerous infection.

    When rats with GIF were treated with BPC-157 once a day, the fistulas were fully healed and closed up after 46 days of administering the peptide [10].

    BPC-157 could heal muscle injuries

    In a 2006 study, Croatian researchers cut up the quadriceps muscle in rats in a way where healing was previously believed to be impossible.

    Using BPC-157 30 minutes and 24 hours after the injury allowed the muscle tissue to regenerate [11].

    Additionally, functionality was restored to the quadriceps muscle tissue.

    While many of the findings cited above were observed in animal studies (and therefore cannot be extrapolated to humans), there is evidence that researchers are actively exploring BCP-157’s potential in these areas.

    Buying BPC-157 Online vs. Prescription?

    While doctors can, in certain circumstances, prescribe non-FDA-approved drugs, this is extremely rare.

    According to one owner of an Australian peptides distribution company, more patient requests for peptides are declined [12]:

    “[Particularly] if a patient comes and asks me for a specific peptide and it's not right for them. It's the same as if an anti-biotic was unsuitable for a patient, we don't just prescribe it."

    This is largely due to the strict code of conduct that physicians must operate by.

    If a medical board finds them guilty of improperly prescribing peptides without a sufficient therapeutic indication, they risk having their license taken away [13].

    Fortunately, researchers don’t need to jump through these hoops if they wish to experiment with BPC-157. This peptide can be legally purchased online by researchers without any hassles.

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    Where to Buy BPC-157 Online? | 2024 Edition

    Researchers interested in experimenting with BPC-157 will need to find a reputable, trustworthy vendor of research chemicals.

    Fortunately, our team has identified the online vendor that satisfies our stringent requirements for purchasing research-grade BPC-157 online.

    Here is the vendor:

    Limitless Life

    Limitless Life is the best source of high-quality research peptides for several reasons — including their stringent quality protocols, commitment to safety and responsible peptide distribution, trustworthiness and reputation, and outstanding customer service.

    Here’s a little more information about Limitless Life and why we prefer them as a peptide vendor for our fellow researchers:

    • Quality and Testing: By partnering with three independent labs, Limitless Life is able to offer research peptides that have been third-party tested and verified to be 99% pure (or greater). Each batch of their peptides goes through a rigorous testing process.
    • Safety and Responsible Distribution: Limitless Life understands that research peptides are meant for research purposes only. They care about safe and responsible distribution of these products to advance peptide research.
    • Reputation and Trustworthiness: With an exceptionally low rate of credit card charge-backs, several positive reviews online, and a well-cultivated reputation in the larger research peptide community, Limitless Life has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reputable company.
    • Support and Service: Their support and service team is available daily, even on weekends, to help answer questions and provide assistance for all researchers.
    • Great Shipping Options: Limitless Life offers FedEx two-day shipping standard on domestic orders. Overnight delivery is available in some cases, too. This allows researchers to begin their studies with speed.
    • International Shipping: Not only that, Limitless Life offers international shipping all around the world.

    Another thing we love about Limitless Life: they offer some of the best BPC-157 formulations on the market, like capsules and sprays.

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    The Best Place To Buy BPC-157 Online

    As discussed above, our team’s preferred peptide vendor is:

    Limitless Life

    There are multiple reasons why researchers may consider buying BPC-157 online from this vendor and nobody else. We mentioned a few above, but wanted to go into more detail:

    100% secure shopping

    Using the latest SSL technology, Limitless Life ensures that all private information remains fully encrypted and protected.

    Researchers will never have to worry about accidental data breaches or leaks when they shop here.

    Great return and reship policy

    Limitless Life is one of the few vendors who offers a workable return and/or reship policy.

    Furthermore, they provide affordable shipping insurance. This will fully cover any instances of lost or damaged shipments. This unique features offers 100% peace of mind for the researcher community.

    Responsible distribution for the research community

    Limitless Life creates products that intended strictly for research purposes. This approach allows them to serve the research community in a responsible fashion.

    Unmatched trust, quality, and purity

    Limitless Life takes pride in offering the highest quality products for researchers. This claim is shines through when you see their exceptionally low charge-back credit card threshold and impressive reviews online.

    Recognized for excellence

    Limitless Life’s superior product quality and researcher support is evidenced by their Dun and Bradstreet business rating.

    Furthermore, they have the distinction of being the only BBB-accredited peptide company.

    Lastly, the satisfaction of the research community is reflected in high ratings on Trustpilot (4.5 stars) and Sitejabber (4.6 stars), which shows their commitment to exceptional service.

    How to Order BPC-157 | Country-by-Country

    Researchers can only order BPC-157 online if the vendor they choose delivers it to their country.

    When researchers go to the checkout cart, they will have the option to select their country while filling out their billing address.

    Some vendors offer this option, while others do not.

    For example, Limitless Life offers many international options for BPC-157 researchers.

    International buyers should start their research on BPC-157 there.

    BPC-157 vs. Thymosin Beta-4?

    Researchers interested in working with BPC-157 may be curious about how it compares against TB-500.

    TB-500 is the synthetic variant of the naturally occurring Thymosin Beta-4, found in both human and animal cells.

    The upregulation of the protein known as actin keeps the structural integrity of cells intact and allows them to function properly [14].

    This is especially seen in muscle tissue, which TB-500 has been shown to help heal in animal studies.

    BPC-157, on the other hand, has been shown to improve digestive health and reduce inflammation in animal studies.

    Researchers interested in investigating both simultaneously may consider purchasing a mixed peptide blend that contains BPC-157 and TB-500 in the same bottle.

    Bacteriostatic Water and BPC-157

    To safely carry out research on BPC-157 and other research peptides, handlers need a certain set of supplies.

    For proper preparation and and storage, a laundry list of lab supplies is indispensable. This includes bacteriostatic water and sterile vials to list a few.

    The headache of gathering all these materials is admittedly a drawback for some researchers, as there are not many quality vendors that carry them. But it is necessary for proper research.

    BPC-157 For Sale | Verdict

    Researchers looking to buy BPC-157 from an online vendor should take note; not all vendors offer the same level of quality and service.

    Hopefully, this guide has guided researchers through the process of vetting peptide vendors and helped illuminate the best place to buy BPC-157 online.

    Qualified researchers interested in exploring BPC-157 may click here to source BPC-157 from our preferred online supplier.


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