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 February 15, 2024

Researchers looking to work with geroprotective peptides are increasingly looking into the topic of Vilon dosage

The synthetic dipeptide Vilon is backed by long-standing research that demonstrates its roles in: 

  • Anti-aging processes 
  • Tissue and organ regeneration 
  • Immune function 

In this guide, our peptide review team covers the relevant research to date, providing an overview of the potential benefits and side effects of the peptide, as well as a Vilon dosage calculator. 

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What is Vilon?

Also known as lysylglutamic acid or Lys-Glu, Vilon is a dipeptide that possesses bioregulatory, anti-aging, and immunomodulatory properties. The bulk of Vilon research has been undertaken by aging and cancer development researchers in Russia, who have demonstrated the peptide’s metabolic activity and geroprotective effect [1].

Vilon works by activating heterochromatin and is additionally known to activate interleukin-2 signaling in spleen cells. It stimulates the regeneration of tissue, accelerates wound healing, activates connective tissue cells, and also has key antioxidant and anti-stress properties [1, 2].

Vilon has been shown to be a potent geroprotector due to its ability to support and regenerate a key organ of the immune system—the thymus gland. This organ is involved in the production and maturation of lymphocytes or immune cells, which defend the body against infections and suppress the effects of aging [3, 4].

After peaking during puberty, the thymus undergoes progressive atrophy, leading to a decrease in its function. By activating the thymus gland, Vilon helps the body to fight illness and counter aging processes [5].

vilon dosage

Vilon Benefits and Research Applications

Based on the published research to date, Vilon provides a number of benefits, including reducing health complications due to aging, strengthening immune function, and protecting the heart and kidneys.

Vilon and longevity

A number of studies have shown that Vilon increases overall health and well-being, while also reducing the incidence of age-related issues. Here is a summary of the longevity and anti-aging research involving Vilon:

  • In an early rodent study, the monthly administration of a five-day course of thymus-derived polypeptide factor decreased the overall incidence of tumors and incidence of mammary adenocarcinomas, ultimately increasing the lifespan of young mice [6].
  • In another study on young mice, researchers found that long-term administration of Vilon had the effect of increasing physical activity and endurance, reducing body temperature, preventing spontaneous neoplasms, and extending lifespan [7].
  • Vilon has been shown to improve enzyme activity in the GI tract of older mice, leading to increased glucose accumulation and allowing the rodents to maintain nutrient extraction with age, with a presumed positive effect on longevity. [8, 9].
  • Vilon has been shown to regenerate eye retinal cells and brain neurons, while also promoting cell proliferation [10].
  • Vilon has been shown to prevent signs of aging in the skin, due to its effect on the expression of collagen type 1 and sirtuin 6, which decrease with age. Researchers found that exposing old skin fibroblasts to Vilon had the effect of increasing the expression area of collagen type 1 in the cultures by 83%, while increasing the expression area of sirtuin 6 by over two times [11].

Vilon and immune function

Vilon is a potent immune system regulator that activates white blood cells and other mechanisms to help the immune system protect against infection. Here is the specific research on how Vilon may enhance immune function, especially in the elderly:

  • In one study on 56 patients with wounded limb osteomyelitis after a necro sequestrectomy, Vilon was effective in stimulating the innate immune system and accelerating cellular repair, contributing clinical improvement in the patients and reducing their period of hospitalization [1].
  • Vilon contributes to the reactivation of certain genes by unraveling heterochromatin. Chromatin fibers help in the regulation of cell processes including DNA replication, transcription, genetic recombination, and cell division. These effects lead to the restoration of immune function in elderly people [12].
  • Vilon also activates interleukin-2 signaling in cells of the spleen, thus regulating the immune response to microbial infection and aiding in the prevention of autoimmune reactions [13, 14].
  • Vilon has been shown to stimulate the thymus gland, and plays an important role in the formation of T cells, namely CD5 T cells and cytotoxic CD8 T cells. These cells contribute to immune function, the prevention of autoimmune diseases, and antimicrobial response [15].
  • Vilon has been shown to regulate expression of СD4, CD5, and CD8 glycoproteins in thymic cell culture and induce differentiation of immune cells, as additional support of its geroprotective effect [16].

Vilon and vascular health

In addition to its longevity- and immune function-promoting effects, Vilon is being increasingly studied for its role in vascular health.

Researchers have found that Vilon can decrease concentrations of transforming growth factor-beta, which in turn results in the permeability of microvessels and enhanced homeostasis during kidney failure [17].

Vilon also alters gene expression patterns in the cardiovascular system, which leads to increased levels of natural anticoagulants antithrombin 3 and protein c. It has also been shown to stimulate fibrinolysis in elderly diabetes patients, to the effect of reducing the incidence of blood clots and better regulating the vascular system [18].

Vilon Side Effects

To date, researchers have not identified any notable side effects associated with Vilon administration, and experts note the lack of adverse effects as a key advantage of bioregulator peptides like Vilon [1, 2, 7, 5, 19].

Researchers should note that in one rodent study, Vilon yielded a negative outcome when administered with cyclophosphan at extremely high doses of 100mg/kg, which led to a decline in the survival of mice with transplanted Lewis lung carcinoma. Notably, Vilon administered alone at the dose of 1mg/kg did increase the rodents’ survival [19].

Researchers should note that much of the available Vilon research is published in the Russian language and may not be available online.

Vilon Dosage Calculator and Guide

In this section, researchers can obtain an in-depth understanding of what constitutes an appropriate Vilon dose, as well as what methods can be used to administer this peptide to test subjects.

Vilon Administration Notes

A Vilon dosage is typically administered via subcutaneous injection, which provides excellent bioavailability compared to other routes of administration.

In the studies to date, Vilon has typically been administered over a period of seven to ten days. In a double-blind study conducted on 63 surgical patients, researchers administered Vilon injections daily for a duration of 7 to 10 days in tandem with conventional treatment [1].

In another trial on more than 250 subjects with chronic periodontitis, Vilon was administered daily for a duration of 5 to 10 days, which had the effect of increasing antioxidant protection in the blood and saliva, while decreasing the intensity of disseminated intravascular coagulation [1].

To properly reconstitute and inject Vilon, researchers should have the proper supplies on hand, including their vial of Vilon, bacteriostatic water, sterile syringes, and alcohol wipes. Researchers should follow all standard safety precautions when reconstituting Vilon and preparing the solution for injection.

Sample Vilon Dosing Protocol For Research

Based on our review of the literature, here is a sample Vilon protocol that researchers may administer to subjects to observe anti-aging effects:

  • Daily Dosage: 5mg administered subcutaneously.
  • Study Duration: 12 days.
  • Repeat Cycle: Every four to six months.
  • Notes: Our preferred vendor offers Vilon 20mg vials for sale. One 10-day Vilon cycle at the dose of 5mg/day would accordingly require three Vilon 20mg vials.

vilon dosage

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Bacteriostatic Water and Vilon

Experts agree that the proper handling of Vilon and other peptides requires a standard set of supplemental materials. Items such as sterile vials, bacteriostatic water, and more are used to correctly prepare and store peptide solutions.

Some researchers dread the search for all the required items, which may involve long hours and several retailers. However, it is a required step in the research.

Vilon Dosing | Verdict

The benefits associated with Vilon are backed by extensive research and include the peptide’s positive effects on longevity, immune function, and cardiovascular health.

Vilon administration is not associated with adverse effects and is readily available online to qualified researchers and laboratory professionals.

Researchers looking to source this geroprotective agent should head over to our top-rated vendor to make their purchase.


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