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 February 15, 2024

Although Selank has been studied for numerous effects since its development, there may still be some uncertainty among researchers about the appropriate Selank dosage.

While in Russia and a few other nations it is used clinically to treat generalized anxiety disorder and other conditions, Selank remains a research chemical in most of the world.

Research on Selank has revealed these possible effects of the peptide:

  • Improved learning, memory, and concentration
  • Stress reduction
  • Pain relief
  • Help with weight control
  • Relief from alcohol withdrawal

To ensure optimal research outcomes with this tuftsin analog, it is vital to stay informed on the current science around Selank dosing.

In this guide, we present qualified professionals with a Selank dosage calculator based on the available data. Plus, we provide information on where to obtain research-grade Selank online.

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Selank Dosage Chart | Quick Breakdown

Timeframe Injectable Selank Dosage for Nootropic Research Intranasal Selank Dosage for Nootropic Research
Weeks 1-2 150-300mcg (injectable) / 150-300mcg/daily 150-300mcg (injectable) / 600-900mcg/daily
Week 3 Washout Washout
Week 4 150-300mcg (injectable) / 150-300mcg/daily 150-300mcg (injectable) / 600-900mcg/daily

What is Selank?

Selank was developed in the early 1990s by a team of researchers at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The peptide was initially investigated for its potential therapeutic effects in various neurological and psychiatric disorders. Selank has since gained research interest for its cognitive enhancement and anxiolytic properties [1].

Selank is a synthetic version of tuftsin, a natural peptide that works within the immune system. The two differ in that Selank has an added group of three amino acids, which improves its stability in the body. When administered, Selank has been found to enhance the inhibition of GABA by modulating the GABAA receptor, to which its anxiolytic effect is attributed [1, 2].

The effects of Selank may vary depending on factors such as dosage, route of administration, the subject’s individual characteristics, and other factors that can influence the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination processes [3, 4]. More extensive research is needed to fully understand the pharmacokinetic profile of Selank.

While Selank is prescribed in Russia and a few CIS nations for the treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), it has not been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for any therapeutic use [5].

It is generally considered a research chemical or investigational peptide. Qualified researchers can legally purchase Selank online strictly for in vitro and laboratory experimentation.

Selank vs. N-Acetyl Selank Amidate

N-Acetyl Selank Amidate (also known as Selank-Amidate or MESELANK) is a modified version of the peptide Selank. It was created as an enhanced and potentially more potent form of Selank itself.
The modification of Selank to N-Acetyl Selank Amidate involves the addition of an acetyl group and an amidate group to the peptide structure [6, 7]. These alterations are intended to optimize Selank in the following ways:

  • Increased stability
  • Increased bioavailability
  • Increased absorption
  • Prolonged half-life

With an optimized version of Selank available, one might wonder why some researchers would still opt for the regular version.

One reason could be the lack of clinical research involving N-Acetyl Selank Amidate. Although N-acetalization and amidation are scientifically researched methods used to improve peptides, we have yet to see any trials using N-Acetyl Selank Amidate, so its safety profile remains unknown.

Alternatively, some researchers may want to start with the less potent form of Selank before progressing to the optimized form to assess how subjects will respond to the peptide.

selank dosage

Benefits of Selank

Considering the number of studies on the anxiolytic effects of Selank, it is not surprising that many researchers are interested in further exploring this aspect of the peptide. Other sought-after benefits of Selank include its ability to relieve pain and boost cognition.

Selank for Anxiety Relief

Selank is not only anxiolytic, but also adaptogenic in nature. A 2008 study included one group of healthy adults and one group with mental disorders accompanied by elevated levels of inflammatory cytokine IL-6 (interleukin-6) in the blood. Both groups received Selank treatment for 14 days. Only the afflicted participants showed suppressed IL-6 gene expression at the end of the experiment; the healthy participants were unaffected [8, 9].

This finding highlighted the ability of Selank to act within the immune system to regulate processes like inflammation that are correlated with stress, depression, and anxiety spectrum disorders [8]. Selank only corrected IL-6 levels in affected individuals, indicating that the peptide has a balancing effect on the immune system and will not cause overcorrection in healthy individuals.

Selank for Pain Relief

Selank may also have antinociceptive properties, thanks to its suppression of the inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 and its ability to inhibit enkephalin-degrading enzymes [10].

One experiment investigating the effect of Selank on enkephalinase in human serum found that Selank almost completely inhibited the degrading action of enkephalinases on enkephalins. Since enkephalins themselves inhibit pain and decrease stress responses, the preservative action of Selank could make it a useful tool in pain management [10, 11].

Selank for Improved Cognition

Selank may be useful for improving cognition and the learning process. One study in rats showed that when those with low learning ability received Selank treatment daily, their capacity to learn, consolidate, and perform within the experiment improved in a progressive linear fashion [12].

Selank was further proven to aid memory in rats by improving the metabolism of serotonin in the brain. Probably due to the involvement of serotonin and its metabolites in the consolidation stage of memory formation, rats treated with Selank showed significantly more memory trace stability than did the untreated rats [13].

Side Effects of Selank

Researchers must always be aware of the possibility of side effects from the administration of any compound. In the United States, Selank is not formally approved for human use and is considered a research chemical.

Research studies administering Selank to both human and animal subjects have shown a low incidence of adverse effects. The most commonly reported side effects linked to Selank are related to the route of administration rather than the peptide itself.

Subjects receiving Selank as a nasal spray occasionally report these effects [14]:

  • Irritation of the nasal mucosa
  • Irritation of the septum
  • Sore throat

Subjects receiving Selank subcutaneously might experience these effects at the injection site [15]:

  • Pain
  • Lipohypertrophy
  • Lipoatrophy
  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Scarring

Many of the administration-related side effects listed above can be prevented by following basic hygiene rules and a conscientious protocol for dosing and administering Selank.

Though we still lack the volume of human trials and long-term studies needed to determine the safety of Selank, the peptide does seem to be well-tolerated and free of short-term side effects. What we do know is that Selank may actually reduce the adverse effects associated with medications like benzodiazepines when administered concurrently [16].

Selank has been studied as an alternative to the benzodiazepines phenazepam and medazepam for the treatment of anxiety disorders. In two experiments, Selank resulted in anxiolytic effects comparable to those of the benzodiazepines, but with added nootropic and antiasthenic effects [11, 17].

Additionally, subjects treated with Selank did not experience the adverse effects associated with benzodiazepine use: fatigue, memory loss, sedation, tolerance, and withdrawal [18].

Selank Dosage Calculator and Guide

As mentioned, intranasal Selank is officially prescribed in Russia for the management of GAD.

According to the package insert of the nasal drops formulation, the peptide can be administered daily for up to 14 days, as two drops (75mcg per drop) of 0.15% solution given three times a day. Then the peptide should be cycled off for one to three weeks before repeating the 14-day course [19].

In clinical trials, Selank has been given as intranasal drops for up to 21 days in doses of up to 2700mcg (36 drops), split in three daily administrations [16].

On the other hand, there are no official guidelines for dosing or cycling injectable Selank. The lack of clinical trials and the short duration of experiments means that finding the right Selank dosage for each subject requires the researcher to use a conservative approach and monitor closely for any effects, adverse or otherwise.

We have combed through the available research and have read Selank dosage recommendations from peptide therapy experts to create this dosage guide. Note that the below guidelines are for injectable Selank.

  • Dr. William Seeds (2020) determined that an injectable Selank dose of 100 mcg-300 mcg/daily was appropriate and well-tolerated by most human subjects [20]. The dose necessary to achieve desired results could depend on individual factors like body weight and age [3].
  • Due to the way Selank is metabolized in the body when injected into subcutaneous fat, there is no need to split the dosage into multiple injections per day. One injection of the full dose into a fat deposit will allow Selank to slowly absorb into the bloodstream over the course of the day [15].
  • Some researchers speculate that long-term Selank use could cause desensitization of the GABAergic system, but even these researchers acknowledge that there is not enough long-term data to reach any conclusions about the side effects or addiction potential of Selank [21]. To avoid potential issues with receptor desensitization, it may be appropriate to provide test subjects with a one to three weeks washout period after 14 days of Selank administration, similar to the administration of the intranasal version [19].
  • Subcutaneous Selank should be administered using appropriately lab materials. Injection into an area such as the abdomen (about 2 inches from the navel) should deliver the Selank into an adequate fat storage area. To ensure safe administration of Selank, it is important to avoid injecting directly into the belly button or any damaged tissue. It is recommended to rotate injection sites and avoid repeated injections into the same location, which may lead to that location becoming scarred, potentially affecting the absorption of the peptide [15].

Sample Selank Dosing Protocol for Nootropic Research

The following is an example of how researchers could approach Selank dosage for nootropic research.

  • Dosage: Start with the lowest effective dose of Selank, increasing as needed until the desired effects become apparent. Administer 150-300mcg/daily if injected, or 600-900mcg/daily (2-3 pumps) if administered intranasally.
  • Frequency: Selank should be injected once per day, or administered in nasal spray form two to three times daily, depending on the dose.
  • Study Duration: To avoid desensitization of the GABAergic system, experts advise cycling Selank two weeks on, at least one week off, followed by another two-week course if needed.
  • Repeat Cycle: Selank may be administered in accordance with the above cycle as long as subjects are monitored for possible adverse reactions. Discontinue Selank immediately if adverse reactions are noted.

How to Reconstitute Selank

If a researcher opts for injectable Selank in lieu of Selank nasal spray, this section is required. Reconstituting Selank is a simple process:

Step 1: Gather the appropriate materials.

Our favorite bacteriostatic water supplier has convenient research supplies and materials available.

Step 2: Calculate the appropriate quantities.

Using this calculator, find out how much bacteriostatic water is needed to add to the vial of Selank to achieve the desired concentration. This calculator will also help researchers dose the Selank depending on the type of research supplies will be used for administration.

Step 3: Add bacteriostatic water to the Selank powder.

Extract the desired amount of bacteriostatic water from the vial. Only draw up the needed amount of diluent [22].

Now, combined the bacteriostatic water into the Selank vial at an angle and slowly depress the plunger to drip water down the inside of the vial. Make sure all the bacteriostatic water has been released.

Step 4: Wait.

Do not shake or agitate the vial to mix the solution. Leaving it still for 10 to 20 minutes should be sufficient for the Selank peptide to completely dissolve. If there are still particles visible after that time, gently roll the vial to complete the reconstitution process.

selank dosage

Where to Buy Selank Online? | 2024 Edition

Finding pure Selank for research purposes can be challenging given the amount of questionable supply on the market

Some key factors to consider when sourcing Selank from an online vendor include purity guarantees, pricing, shipping policies, and customer service. 

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Selank Dosing Guide | Verdict

Selank is an analog of tuftsin made better and more stable by the addition of three amino acids. It is active in both the immune and central nervous systems.

Selank has the potential to be used in a variety of applications. Some documented effects of Selank are anxiety and pain relief, stress reduction, improved memory and learning, and protection from brain damage.

Once-daily subcutaneous Selank is a convenient way to apply the lowest effective dose of the peptide. Researchers may administer 150mcg of Selank per day to begin, increasing the dose by 50mcg each week until desired effects are achieved or 300mcg is reached, whichever comes first.

Selank nasal spray is another convenient and effective way to administer Selank for research. But given the reduced absorption and bioavailability of intranasally delivered peptides, researchers will need to start with a higher dose of around 600mcg for this method, split in 2-3 daily doses.

Be sure to follow a science-backed dosing and cycling protocol, and source Selank from a reputable provider. We choose Limitless Life Nootropics for nasal sprays and Xcel Peptides for other research peptides.


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