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Last Updated August 20, 2021

Titus Thorne

 August 20, 2021

Wondering about MK-677 dosage? You’re in the right place.

MK-677 has raised serious interest within bodybuilding and biohacking circles, and researchers are now hard at work to see if the hype is real.

MK-677 does hold promise. It’s effective at increasing growth hormone (GH) levels in the blood, so it might be a solid treatment for people with GH deficiency. Preliminary research suggests it can build muscle, burn fat, help keep bones dense and improve sleep.

But how should it be dosed?

We’ve done a review of the literature to give you a sense of how most MK-677 researchers are dosing their subjects. From that review, we’ve distilled the building blocks for designing your very own MK-677 protocol.

Let’s dive in.

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 What Is MK-677?

MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, is a synthetic non-peptide agonist of the Ghrelin receptor [1]. It’s currently being investigated as a prescription medication to address growth hormone deficiency.

What does it do?

Basically, MK-677 mimics the body’s own growth hormone Ghrelin, which plays an important role in regulating growth hormone (GH), also known as human growth hormone (GH) [2]. In particular, it has a stimulating effect: Ghrelin increases the secretion of GH from the somatotrophs located in the pituitary gland. This, in turn, leads to elevated levels of GH throughout the blood and at the cellular level.

Why does that matter?

Well, growth hormone plays an important role in a number of the body’s essential functions. It’s basically involved anywhere new cells are being created: in the synthesis of new tissues and in their repair [3].



 MK-677 Benefits

MK-677 has a number of potential benefits, which is why it’s being investigated as a promising medication.
Its primary benefit is that it increases blood GH levels and can therefore create the conditions the body needs to build new tissue and repair tissue damage. Several studies have found that it does cause significant increases in GH levels [4, 5, 6, 7].

By increasing GH, MK-677 may also have a number of other indirect benefits on tissue maintenance and creation. Here are some of the benefits of GH that have been found in the research literature:

  • Muscle growth. GH has long been known to be involved in the process of muscle fiber synthesis. Several studies have found that higher levels of GH in the blood lead to greater muscle growth [8, 9]. Some research has further indicated that MK-677 in particular may have this effect, at least in some groups [7, 10].
  • Burning fat. GH appears to be involved in metabolizing adipose tissue and burning through stubborn fat [11, 12]. We don’t yet have conclusive research showing that MK-677 burns fat, but some research does suggest that it boosts one’s metabolism [7].
  • Better sleep. GH and sleep work together to repair the body: Higher GH levels in the body seem to improve sleep quality [13]. Specifically, MK-677 has been shown in some studies to increase stage IV sleep as well as improve REM sleep [14].
  • Denser bones. Bones tend to get frailer with age and they lose their density. GH has consistently been found to support denser, healthier bones [15]. This is the case with MK-677, as well; some studies have found that elderly individuals dosing MK-677 have significantly improved bone density than those given a placebo [10].

Each of these potential MK-677 benefits are themselves reasons for studying the compound.

 MK-677 Side Effects

What about the side effects of MK-677? Are there any?

Well, it appears that MK-677 ibutamoren is generally well tolerated.

We have not come across comprehensive safety studies of the substance, so its long-term effects are unknown. However, the research that has been conducted demonstrates that it is generally safe with few if any serious adverse effects [4, 5, 7].

Still, occasional side effects have been found to be associated with MK-677 [4, 5]. These include:

  • flushing of the face (lasting 3 to 5 minutes)
  • increase in appetite
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • dry skin
  • night sweats
  • numbness and tingling
  • abdominal pain

It appears that the side effects are dose-dependent — higher doses increase the likelihood of side effects. That means researchers should consider giving test subjects lower doses to err on the side of caution.

Again, keep in mind that the long-term effects of MK-677 are not fully known.

 MK-677 Dosage Guide and Calculator

So what MK-677 dosage is appropriate for test subjects?

There has been a bit of a range of dosing levels used in the literature.

  • Some studies have used doses as low as 2 mg of MK-677, given in a single dose, orally, each day over the study period. In some studies, this dose level has resulted in a clinically or statistically significant increase in blood GH levels, but in other studies, it hasn’t.
  • It has been relatively common for studies to use a daily MK-677 dosage of 10 mg. In most studies, this has led to a significant increase in blood GH levels.
  • Probably the most common research dose for test subjects has been 25 mg. Studies find that this dose is consistently effective at that level in raising GH levels in the blood.
  • Among the highest doses that have been used in research is 50 mg in a single day. It’s effective at that level for increasing GH levels and appears to be well-tolerated.

While the research on MK-677 has used a variety of doses, it appears that there is a relative consensus on an effective dose: 25 mg appears to be the standard dose at which research finds that there is a significant effect of increased blood GH levels, but it also is relatively safe at that level with no serious adverse effects found.

But it appears that one can achieve an effective dose as low as 10 mg. And it appears to be safe to go as high as 50 mg.

MK-677 dosage level summary:

  • 10 mg appears to be as low as doses go while still being effective.
  • 25 mg appears to be a typical MK-677 dose for research.
  • 50 mg appears to be a high, but still well-tolerated dose.

Daily Administration

MK-677 is generally taken daily.

This is because the MK-677 half life is about 24 hours [16]. Taking a single daily dose ensures a consistently elevated level of GH in the bloodstream.

MK-677 Cycle?

What about a cycle? Should MK-677 be cycled?

It depends. Many research studies are conducted using a cycle. Often this is between 14 and 28 days — 2 and 4 weeks — followed by several weeks off. But each of these studies was relatively short in duration.

However, we should note that one study of a longer period — 18 months — didn’t use a cycle. They provided the same dosage of MK-677 each day for the entire study period (at least, to those who weren’t taking a placebo). So some researchers do not cycle MK-677.

But these are the minority. Based on our review of the literature, we’ve found that a typical MK-677 cycle is:

  • 2 to 8 weeks on
  • 2 to 4 weeks off

How Is MK-677 Administered?

Virtually all studies use an oral administration route. This is effective since MK-677 is absorbed through the digestive tract — unlike other peptides. Oral administration is also convenient, safer, and more comfortable than injections.

Some early studies administered MK-677 intravenously together with normal saline. That was effective, but not any more effective than an oral administration. More modern research doesn’t seem to use intravenous injections for MK-677.

We found no studies that use a subcutaneous injection method for administering MK-677, which is common for other peptide growth secretagogues like Ipamorelin, CJC-1295, Sermorelin, and Tesamorelin.

The best and most common administration route appears to be oral.



Other MK-677 Dosing Guidance

Like some other peptides, MK-677 appears to work better on an empty stomach. Food seems to affect the way that MK-677 is absorbed. It also seems to affect the release of growth hormone itself.

For those reasons, it’s best to take MK-677 at least 2 hours after eating.

Summary of Research MK-677 Dosing Guidelines

Putting together each of those observations from the research about effective MK-677 dosing protocols:

  • 25 mg is a standard dose in the research.
  • Effective and safe MK-677 doses seem to range from 10 mg to 50 mg.
  • It is almost always taken orally, and oral administration is effective.
  • It is almost always taken once, daily.
  • It is most effective on an empty stomach.

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 MK-677 Dose | Verdict

The research on MK-677 is very promising, and we’re confident that you’ll see great results in your own study on this compound.

The trick is to dial in your dosing.

On the plus side, MK-677 is easily administered orally — no needle required. But what dosing level will work best for your test subjects may vary.

As always, it might take some experimenting to find the optimal dose. The existing literature does provide some guidelines for MK-677 research, and supports either cycling the compound or administering it for up to a 6-month duration.

Happy researching!



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