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Last Updated November 17, 2021

Titus Thorne

 November 17, 2021

You are probably already thinking about trying Sermorelin — but what Sermorelin dosage is right for you? If you’re looking for some dosing help, you’re in the right place.

Sermorelin can be a great addition to any “test subject” peptide stack. User reports and research suggest that it is an effective way to boost your body’s natural growth hormone levels, and can increase lean muscle mass, decrease fat, and rejuvenate skin.

What’s not to like?

However, knowing what Sermorelin dosage to use is essential to optimizing its results.

We’ve written this article to share guidance from users and researchers on appropriate Sermorelin dosages. Of course, you should always consult your doctor when considering a new peptide regimen.

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What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin acetate, commonly known as Sermorelin and sold under the brand names Geref and Gerel, is a peptide that is synthesized to look chemically similar to your body’s growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) [1]. It’s made up of a chain of 29 amino acids.

Sermorelin works by interacting with your body’s endocrine system. Since it looks like your body’s own GHRH, it has a similar effect to them, which is to bind to receptors that tell your pituitary gland to release more growth hormone into your bloodstream.

The result? Your growth hormone levels increase.

What is growth hormone? An essential part of your body’s tissue construction process.

Growth hormone (GH), often also called human growth hormone (HGH), is a peptide hormone that is essential for your body to grow tissue, for cells to reproduce, and to repair tissue [2]. Because it is so important for your body to grow and repair, it’s been a favorite of bodybuilders and athletes. Increasing HGH can improve body composition and performance.

But taking synthetic HGH directly has some serious side effects. These include swelling, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and an increased risk of diabetes [3]. It also might be a factor in some kinds of cancers, such as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma [4]. The risk of those things keeps a lot of people from taking synthetic HGH.

That’s the beauty of Sermorelin.

Rather than taking HGH, Sermorelin users increase systemic HGH levels by naturally stimulating the pituitary gland to release more HGH naturally. Unlike if you take HGH directly, Sermorelin doesn’t cause your systemic levels of HGH to spike; it instead stimulates a gradual increase in a stable way.

Sermorelin Acetate

Sermorelin Benefits and Uses

So, what are the Sermorelin benefits? Well, there’s quite a few.

Sermorelin is currently approved by the FDA to treat growth hormone deficiencies in children and, to a more limited extent, in adults. It’s also used by doctors as a way to diagnose growth hormone deficiencies.

Since it makes its user’s body more chemically prone to creating and repairing tissue, the benefits are all around building muscles and other tissue, making the user look younger, and helping the user recover.

What’s nice about Sermorelin is that it counteracts the effects that ageing has on your HGH levels. While HGH is plentiful in most people’s bodies when they are young, it declines substantially as they get older. Sermorelin helps to restore those HGH levels which some users say brings back energy and vitality.

Sermorelin benefits include:

  • Anti-aging effects: One of the effects that Sermorelin peptide has is to increase collagen production. Collagen is a protein found throughout the body and is responsible for making the skin appear smooth and youthful [5, 6]. Sermorelin can reduce fine lines and wrinkles that occur as you age by increasing HGH levels, which in turn help your body increase collagen production [7].
  • Sermorelin bodybuilding: Because it helps increase HGH levels, Sermorelin is effective at increasing lean muscle mass and reducing adipose tissue (body fat). One study in elderly individuals found that higher levels of growth hormone led to an 8.8% increase in lean muscle mass and a 14% decrease in body fat [6]… and that was without a special exercising regimen! Of course, using it in combination with a balanced diet and an exercise regimen is ideal.
  • Improving bone health: Users report that Sermorelin can help with increasing bone density, and this is especially useful for those users with osteoporosis. Research confirms this, finding that higher levels of HGH can help increase bone mineral density [6]. Since Sermorelin can increase HGH levels [1, 8], it’s possible it can be an effective way to improve bone health.
  • Assisting cardiac tissue repair: Several studies suggest that Sermorelin HGH could be useful to those with heart issues. A study in pigs found that it helped to reduce cardiac tissue death and increase the number of blood vessels providing nutrients to the heart [9]. Another study found that it could reduce heart scar sizes [10]. At this point, these results are speculative; still, there’s a possibility that cardiac tissue benefits from Sermorelin.
  • Sleep regulation: Research from animal studies also suggests that Sermorelin may help to regulate some of the chemicals, like Orexin, that play a role in sleep [11]. This research corroborates reports from users that say that they sleep better and have more energy when they use Sermorelin.

Sermorelin Side Effects

There are lots of benefits, but are there any Sermorelin side effects?

Yes, a few. In general, it’s considered by most research to be safe for use [12]. Side effects are rare and those that are more common are usually less severe. Some of these more mild side effects include:

  • Facial flushing
  • Swelling, redness, pain, or irritation at the injection site
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Aggression
  • Strange mouth tastes
  • Vomiting

More rarely, some users report the following side effects:

  • a rash, itchiness, or hives
  • difficulty breathing
  • tightness in chest
  • swelling in the mouth

To avoid Sermorelin side effects, it’s important to choose the right dose. Because Sermorelin peptide can affect everyone’s bodies differently, they should start with a low dose and increase after that. Users should always discuss Sermorelin dosage and any side effects with their doctor or medical health care professional.

Sermorelin Acetate

Sermorelin Side Effects

So what is a good starting dose? We’ve created a Sermorelin dosage calculator for you based on what other users and research subjects’ experiences.

Using and Storing Sermorelin Acetate

Sermorelin acetate usually comes in a powder form. To use it, researchers first reconstitute it with bacteriostatic water by injecting water with a large mixing syringe against the glass wall of the vial.

Then swirl the water, gently, around the vial until all of the powder is dissolved. Store in the fridge, away from heat, light, moisture and out of the reach of kids and pets. It will last for 90 days in the fridge. If there are particles in the water or it looks cloudy, don’t use it.

Follow the directions for how much water to add. For a 15 mg vial of Sermorelin acetate, a person would usually use 7.5 ml of bacteriostatic water. Now note that 10 units on the syringe is usually the same as 200 mcg of Sermorelin.

Also, keep in mind that pharmacies may offer different strengths, so make sure to account for that in your calculations. Always follow directions from your doctor.

Sermorelin Dosage | General Tips

Sermorelin dosage is given via injection with a syringe by your doctor or health care provider. Your health care provider may also teach you how to provide the injection yourself into the muscle (an intramuscular injection) or below the skin (a subcutaneous injection).

The best time to take them is at night on an empty stomach. This allows your HGH levels to be at their highest when you’re sleeping and your body is repairing itself. It’s better if you have an empty stomach because this enhances HGH secretion.

Some vendors sell Sermorelin pills, sprays, and sublinguals. These are generally understood to be scams and do not work; don’t be fooled by them. Stick with the injections even though they are uncomfortable.

Sermorelin Dosage | Recovery

Sermorelin doses usually range from around 100 mcg to 500 mcg. For beginners and people looking to recover from injuries, lower doses may be more appropriate.

  • 100 mcg to 200 mcg per injection
  • 1 injection per day, ideally at night
  • cycle for 8 to 12 weeks
  • cycle off for 1 month

Only change your dose between cycles. That helps you maintain a relatively stable level of hormones. You can cycle up to 3 or even 6 months at a time. Some suggest that you don’t have to take the 1 month break as long as you get blood work done to ensure that your blood chemistry continues to be good.

Sermorelin Dosage | Anti-Aging and Weight Loss

Users that have taken Sermorelin for its potent anti-aging and weight loss benefits often take doses slightly higher than those only seeking some recovery. Many have used the following sermorelin dosing schedule.

  • 200 mcg to 400 mcg per injection
  • 1 injection per day, ideally at night
  • cycle for 8 to 12 weeks
  • cycle off for 1 month

Again, the cycle could go up to 6 months. Experiment and see what is the best for your body.

Sermorelin Dosage | Bodybuilding

Often, bodybuilders prefer doing a bit larger dose, around 400 mcg to 500 mcg. Keep in mind that these larger doses are more likely to result in negative side effects. Here’s an example dosing schedule:

  • 200 mcg to 400 mcg per injection
  • 1 injection per day, ideally at night
  • cycle for 8 to 12 weeks
  • cycle off for 1 month

Bodybuilders may also opt to go for a longer cycle of up to 6 months.

Where to Buy Sermorelin Online? | 2021 Guide

Sermorelin is available at pharmacies with a prescription from a doctor. However, you might be wondering:

Is Sermorelin legal without a prescription?

Yes, researchers can buy Sermorelin online without a prescription from Peptide Sciences. Peptide Sciences provide high-quality, research-grade peptides without additives or fillers.

We love Peptide Sciences because they are legitimate and post all the data from the quality tests that they do on their products for everyone to read.

They’re truly the best place in the world to buy research-grade peptides online.

Plus, these guys also are:

  • An American company but ship all over the world.
  • Have great, accessible customer service. You can talk to an actual person.
  • Offer convenient, secure payment options including credit cards and several types of cryptocurrencies.

Wherever you buy your Sermorelin, just make sure the vendor seems legitimate.

There are lots of people out there selling snake oil. Find a company that knows what they’re doing, that has independent laboratory results and user reviews, and that you can get in touch with if there is a problem. Like Peptides Sciences.

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Sermorelin Acetate

Sermorelin Dosage | The Verdict?

So what is the verdict? Lots of users report significant effects from Sermorelin before and after. It has been life-changing for many people and has helped users and “test subjects” reach their physique and health goals.

While Sermorelin is currently only approved in the United States as a treatment for people with a growth hormone deficiency, researchers and “test subjects” can buy sermorelin online from Peptide Sciences.

Just make sure that you’re getting your dose right. Our Sermorelin dosage calculator can help users work with their doctor to figure out the correct dose for their own needs. In all cases, it’s often good to start with low doses to avoid side effects, and then adjust from there.


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