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TB-500 is a synthetic version of thymosin-beta-4, a naturally-occurring 43-amino acid peptide first identified in 1981. When administered, TB-500 upregulates actin and increases angiogenesis, thus contributing to the formation of new blood vessels, blood cells, and muscle tissue fibers.


With a favorable safety profile to date, TB-500 is a known wound healing agent, actively investigated for its abilities to help repair damaged tissue, treat inflammatory conditions, and promote cardiovascular health, as well as for its role in anti-aging contexts.

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    What is TB-500?

    TB-500 is the same thing as Thymosin Beta-4, with the former being the synthetic version and the latter being the naturally occurring 43-amino-acid peptide found in the body.

    Thymosin Beta-4 is found in numerous bodily fluids, all tissues, and all cell types except red blood cells.

    Its potential for tissue repair was first discovered in a 1999 study performed in rats, where Thymosin Beta-4 was demonstrated to have great potential in healing skin wounds and promoting the formation of new blood vessels [1].

    Specifically, here is what the review quoted had to say about Thymosin Beta-4 and tissue generation:

    “Tβ4 has activity in the three major aspects of tissue regeneration that are important in dermal repair and in regeneration: protection, repair, and regeneration”

    It has since been demonstrated to have a wide range of regenerative activities among numerous injuries and diseases, including:

    • Cardiac damage
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Stroke
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Pressure/stasis ulcers

    TB-500 garnered a lot of interest in horse racing, and it was subsequently banned due to its apparent ability to increase stamina and endurance.

    Likewise, the use of TB-500 is heavily frowned upon in the world of sports, such as the Australian Football League [2]:

    “In January 2016 the Court of Arbitration for Sport found 34 players from Essendon’s 2012 list guilty of taking Thymosin Beta-4, leaving them suspended for the duration of the 2016 season.

    …Thymosin Beta-4 was included on the 2010 Prohibited List by [the World Anti-Doping Agency under a general category of substances being a growth factor affecting muscle, tendon or ligament, vascularisation and regenerative capacity.”

    While TB-500 isn’t approved for human consumption, it is available as a research chemical and has been investigated in a number of scientific studies. We’ll outline the findings of those studies in the following section.

    TB-500 Benefits

    Benefits of Thymosin Beta-4

    Now that we know what TB-500 is, let’s dig into the potential benefits of this research peptide.

    While Thymosin Beta-4 is not approved by the FDA, several published studies have examined the effects it has in animals and human test subjects.

    Here’s an in-depth look at some of the TB-500 benefits shown in past studies:

    Thymosin Beta-4 may promote wound healing and repair

    TB-500 has displayed healing properties in past animal studies. For instance, one study in 2007 involving mice with deep skin wounds discovered that Thymosin Beta-4 promoted complete healing of the wounds [3].

    Another review published in the same year examined Thymosin Beta-4 for its ability to heal eye wounds [4]. This is especially important as the cells must connect to the underlying connective tissue for complete healing to take place.

    Seven years later, in 2014, another study was released that demonstrated Thymosin Beta-4’s viability for treating burn wounds [5].

    The findings from these studies indicate that TB-500 may promote wound healing and repair, suggesting that further research appears warranted.

    Thymosin Beta-4 may help repair heart damage

    As early as 2007, scientists were already investigating Thymosin Beta-4 for its potential in treating ischemic heart disease.

    Specifically, the research team at RegeneRx Biopharmaceuticals was creating a Thymosin Beta-4 formulation for use in patients with acute myocardial infarction.

    And they did so because Thymosin Beta-4 demonstrated the following cardiovascular benefits [6]:

    • Plays an essential role in all key stages of cardiac vessel development
    • Promotes migration and survival migration of cardiomyocytes (responsible for generating the force needed to help your heartbeat in an even rhythm)

    Since then, Thymosin Beta-4 has been shown to protect mice from pulmonary hypertension, which causes the right ventricle of the heart to work “harder” until it eventually fails [7].

    TB-500 effect on every single aspect of cardiac repair – tissue regeneration, cardioprotection, inflammation - is still being examined to this day [8].

    Thymosin Beta-4 may offer anti-inflammatory properties

    Thymosin Beta-4 is a promising agent for treating chronic levels of inflammation, targeting both anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cells [9]:

    “[Thymosin Beta-4] not only down-regulates inflammatory mediators but also up-regulates pre-inflammatory cytokine suppressors, such as interleukin-10, and reduces the infiltration and adhesion of inflammatory cells”

    This finding was also confirmed in a 2007 study where Thymosin Beta-4 reduced the activity of NFκB, a known pro-inflammatory compound that tends to be active in the inflammation of the cornea [10].

    But this discovery is not final, as rheumatoid arthritis researchers are uncertain whether higher levels of Thymosin Beta-4 act in a pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory manner [11].

    Thymosin Beta-4 may treat traumatic brain injury (TBI)

    An interesting rat study published in 2011 looked at rats with TBI to see if Thymosin Beta-4 offered any neuroprotective effects.

    Not only did Thymosin Beta-4 lead to reduced cell loss in the hippocampus, but it also stimulated the growth of new blood vessels and neuronal cells in the damaged areas [12].

    As a bonus, Thymosin Beta-4 also helped improve spatial learning and accelerated the functional recovery of sensory-motor skills!

    Thymosin Beta-4 may serve as a vital biomarker for several diseases

    According to a 2018 review, Thymosin Beta-4 is already being examined for its use as a way to identify the presence and progression of various diseases [13]:

    “…plasma TB4 correlates with symptomatic improvements after cardiac cell therapy, predicts mortality in female heart failure, is lowered in serum after heart attack, and elevated in rheumatoid arthritis.

    There is also a pending patent to use TB4 as part of a biomarker panel for diagnosing and directing treatment of sepsis.”

    Thymosin Beta-4 demonstrates phenomenal therapeutic potential, both as a treatment and as a way to identify biological diseases before they get worse.

    While TB-500 research is still in its infancy, many researchers are actively exploring its potential benefits. In the following section, we will explore the best way for researchers to obtain TB-500 for experiments.

    Buying TB-500 Online vs. Prescription?

    Researchers considering exploring TB-500’s potential benefits may be curious about the best place to buy this research chemical. Unfortunately, TB-500 is not one of the 239 peptides that are currently FDA-approved and cannot be obtained from a pharmacy [14]. While doctors can prescribe non-FDA approved drugs for off-label use, this is extremely rare [15]:

    “Unapproved drugs exist in a gray area in U.S. law.

    Although it is not illegal to prescribe non-FDA approved drugs, it is also not viewed as best practice.

    If a doctor prescribes an unapproved drug, he or she could face civil liability for the patient’s injuries, illnesses, side effects or death upon taking the drug if the physician reasonably should have known of the potential health risks due to the lack of FDA approval.”

    Fortunately, researchers can buy TB-500 as a research chemical online. This is perfectly legal and does not require a prescription, provided the researcher is making the purchase for experimentation purposes only.

    The main challenge facing researchers is where to buy TB-500 online. Not all vendors are reputable and some sell impure or underdosed peptides. In the following section, we’ll offer guidance about what researchers should look for in an online vendor when they buy TB-500 online.

    Buy TB-500

    How to Buy TB-500 Online

    Researchers interested in buying TB-500 online should note that there are hundreds of websites and online marketplaces claiming to offer this peptide.

    A quick Google search will pull all of them up.

    Are all of them legitimate? Some of them are, and some of them aren’t.

    So, how can researchers find the good ones?

    For starters, any reputable site will have some form of disclaimer that reads like so [16]:

    “The products we offer are intended for IN-VITRO LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. The products are NOT FOR HUMAN or ANIMAL USE OR CONSUMPTION OF ANY KIND.

    The products offered on this website are NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, CURE, MITIGATE, TREAT or PREVENT DISEASE.

    In purchasing any of these items, the customer acknowledges that there are risks involved with consumption or distribution of these products.

    These chemicals are NOT intended to use as food additives, drugs, household chemicals or other inappropriate applications.

    The listing of a material on this site does not constitute a license to its use in infringement of any patent.

    All of the products will be handled only by qualified and properly trained RESEARCH or LABORATORY professionals only.”

    Since these peptides are formulated for medical research studies only, these vendors are legally required to put this text on their websites.

    The next thing researchers should be careful of is formulation.

    It is easy to accidentally order an illegal peptide formulation which harms the quality of research. Here are some examples of problems that researchers may encounter [17]:

    “the wrong dosage”

    “a large amount of API-related impurities (e.g. cysteine-containing peptides)”

    “pathogenic bacteria (e.g. presence of a hemolytic strain of Bacillus cereus in 2 of 100 samples)”

    “heavy metals and / or metalloids (e.g. presence of toxic amounts of arsenic).”

    Researchers will want to make sure that a peptide vendor is doing everything in their power to offer the purest product possible.

    Finally, researchers will want to make sure the vendor is reliable throughout the entire sales process.

    This is where asking some of the following questions can be helpful:

    • Are the peptides being produced in environments that are clean and safe?
    • Do they have solid customer service with respect to responsiveness and helpfulness?
    • Does the company have a good reputation (via positive reviews from independent third-party sites)?
    • Will they accept your payment method? If not, do they offer a viable alternative?
    • How long will the product take to ship to your door? Will you get any tracking information?
    • Are their shipping rates fair and reasonable?

    After searching far and wide, there is only one online vendor which checks off all of the above boxes and does so much more.

    Researchers interested in knowing where to buy TB-500 online may consider the recommendation below.

    Buy TB-500 from the #1 online Peptides vendor in the world...

    The #1 Place To Legally Buy TB-500 Online

    The peptide vendor identified by our team as reliable, reputable, and trustworthy is Peptide Sciences. Here’s why we rate them so highly:

    Fast and secure worldwide shipping

    All orders are dispatched within 24 hours and take 2-3 business days to reach US addresses and 7-10 days for international addresses including the UK.

    Not only is a generous $15 flat fee applied to all shipments, but researchers based in the US can get FREE shipping if they place an order over $100.

    Fantastic discounts

    Peptides Sciences allows for individual and bulk orders and offers steep discounts to researchers who buy in bulk.

    For example, if a researcher buys TB-500 online from Peptide Sciences, they can save 3% when they buy 5 bottles, and 6% if they purchase 10 bottles.

    And all orders over $300 get a complimentary 30 mL bottle of bacteriostatic water.

    Numerous payment methods accepted

    Upon visiting the checkout page, researchers will see the following options available:

    • Major credit cards
    • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)
    • Other alternative payment methods (Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
    • Electronic check (100% safe and secure)

    Exceptional customer service

    Peptide Sciences offer fast and professional service and are in a league of their own when it comes to serving their customers.

    They typically reply to email inquiries within 24 hours and are always on hand to help with any order-related issues.

    High-purity peptides

    Peptide Sciences offers American-made peptides of the highest quality. They are manufactured in approved facilities that have strict quality control and purification standards. Peptide Sciences is partnered with manufacturers who are WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008 approved, so researchers can feel comfortable knowing they are getting the best peptides available.

    All of the products featured on Peptide Sciences are 100% USA-made and exceed 99% purity. This is the same level of purity used in prospective human clinical trials to demonstrate the therapeutic potential of these peptides.

    High-performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry are also used to scientifically prove the accuracy and identity of each peptide.

    Highly informative website

    Every product featured on Peptide Sciences comes with a one-page summary that tells researchers about its benefits and side effects. Researchers can also learn how to reconstitute and store the peptide for safe long-term use as well as TB-500 dosage recommendations.

    Additionally, there are several educational articles on the website which will help any researcher get up to speed on the latest peptide research.

    Researchers will definitely be able to make a more-informed purchasing decision with the content found on Peptide Sciences.

    Fair prices

    Peptide Sciences offers research-grade peptides at very fair prices. They are certainly more affordable than the products offered by less reliable vendors.

    Researchers wanting to know where to buy TB-500, look no further than Peptide Sciences!

    P.S: All peptides created and sold by Peptide Sciences are 100% TFA-free! Trifluoroacetic acid is found in many of the peptides from low quality vendors who import from China. While not getting too deep into the science here, TFA can be exceptionally dangerous.

    How to Order TB-500 | Country-by-Country

    The easiest way for a researcher to know whether they can buy TB-500 and get it delivered to their country can be summed up in one sentence:

    Go to the checkout cart, enter the shipping address, and look at the list of available countries.

    Short of reading extensively complicated and lengthy legal documents pertaining to each country’s laws, this is the best course of action.

    Fortunately for researchers buying peptides through Peptide Sciences, this step is effortless.

    Here’s what researchers will see when they order TB-500:

    buy tb-500

    All researchers have to do is click “Country” and look to see if their country is there or not.


    BPC-157 vs. Thymosin Beta-4?

    Many researchers are curious if the combination of BPC-157 and Thymosin Beta-4 is viable, or if it’s simply more effective to use one peptide over the other.

    “BPC” stands for “Body Protection Compound”, and BPC-157 is a peptide that is 15 amino acids long and found in the body’s gastric juices.

    TB-500 works through the upregulation of actin, an essential protein for maintaining the proper structure and function of cells.

    BPC-157 works by promoting several growth factors associated with angiogenesis, which is a process by which new blood vessels are formed.

    It also treats injuries and wounds in the same manner TB-500 does, except it is more specialized for treating problems such as ulcers, inflammatory bowel syndrome and intestinal damage [18].

    The available research indicates that these compounds may work synergistically and combining both BPC-157 and TB-500 may help to further accelerate the recovery and healing process. Further research in this area appears warranted.

    TB-500 Hair Growth

    Bacteriostatic Water For Injection

    Experienced researchers know that a properly equipped lab is necessary for handling TB-500 and all other peptides for experimentation.

    The correct procedures of peptide reconstitution, administration, and storage call for a laundry list of items, such as sterile vials, needs, and bacteriostatic water.

    What is the fastest and easiest way to get equipped? is happy to give you our go-to supply source for peptide research.

    This trusted site offers two convenient research kits that deliver all essential items for peptide handling, saving researchers the time and extra costs of sourcing products from multiple online retailers. Take a look at the outstanding catalog:

    All you need is provided in the starter research kit, which delivers:

    • Bacteriostatic Water (30mL) - 3x
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    • Large Needles + Syringes Combo (3cc x 21g x 1) - 10x

    Receive even more with a purchase of the premium research kit, which offers:

    • Bacteriostatic Water (30mL) - 5x
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    • Sterile Empty Glass Vial (10mL) - 2x
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    Pick up a premium research supply kit from the go-to lab supply retailer of top peptide scientists around the world.

    Buy Bacteriostatic Water from our #1 recommended vendor...

    TB-500 For Sale | Verdict

    Researchers now know how to buy TB-500, and where to buy TB-500 from.

    TB-500 appears to offer a wide range of health benefits to animals and test subjects provided it is bought from the correct source and used properly. This guide has outlined several key areas where further research may prove fruitful.

    Researchers interested in experimenting with TB-500 may consider contacting Peptide Sciences to discuss their research chemical needs.


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