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MK-677, also called ibutamoren, is an orally-active small-molecule growth hormone secretagogue. A non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor and chemically indistinguishable from GHRP-6, it has a substantial effect on GH release without affecting cortisol.


With a favorable safety profile to date, MK-677 has been shown to promote lean body mass production, bone health, neurologic function, and sleep quality. It is actively being investigated for potential benefits relating to body composition, bone density, sleep, and longevity.

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    What is MK-677?

    MK-677, also known as ibutamoren, is an orally active small-molecule growth hormone secretagogue (GHS). It is a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor that mimics ghrelin and stimulates the secretion of endogenous growth hormone in test subjects [1].

    While MK-677 is readily distinguishable from growth hormone-releasing hormone, it is mechanistically indistinguishable from the GH-releasing peptide GHRP-6, and has a significant effect on GH levels.

    It also has a modest effect on cortisol without affecting prolactin, thyroxine, luteinizing hormone, or aldosterone to a significant extent [1].

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    MK-677 Benefits | Clinical Trials

    Drawing on data from past trials, we summarize three key MK-677 benefits observed to date:

    • Promotes lean body mass production: The main appeal of MK-677 from a research standpoint is that it is a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS) that raises levels of growth hormone and promotes lean body mass production [2]. Studies have shown that MK-677 can stimulate the secretion of endogenous GH in test subjects while avoiding risks associated with GH, such as increased all-cause mortality in GH deficient children [3] and increased risk of harm in GH deficient adults [4].
      One study examined the use of ibutamoren mesylate (MK-677) on the growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor I axis in growth hormone-deficient children [5]. The authors concluded that short-term administration of MK-677 can increase GH, IGF-I, and IGFBP-3 levels in some children with GH deficiency after only seven days of therapy.
      Two short-term clinical studies have found that MK-677 can positively impact body composition in test subjects:
      • A 1998 study by Murphy et al. found that MK-677 reversed diet-induced catabolism in a group of eight healthy young volunteers who were put on a diet of 14 days [6]. In this study, MK-677 was found to preserve nitrogen balance to a greater extent than placebo.
      • A two-month trial by Svensson et al. found that obese men who received MK-677 gained 3 kg more fat-free mass (FFM) compared with the placebo group [7].

    These studies indicate that further research testing MK-677’s effects on lean body mass production may be warranted.

    • Improves quality and duration of sleep: A 1997 study found that MK-677 has a strong effect on the quality and duration of sleep. The study found that test subjects who were treated with 25 mg MK-677 daily experienced a 50% increase in stage 4 sleep duration and an over 20% increase in REM sleep duration [8]. Given the ability of MK-677 to extend these critical sleep stages in healthy subjects, further investigation of the compound for its sleep-related benefits is warranted.
    • Improves bone health: There is strong research interest in the effect of MK-677 on bone health. A 1999 study by Murphy et al., found that MK-677 improved bone turnover in elderly patients in just nine weeks [9]. When compared with placebo, MK-677 produced a 29.4% increase in mean serum osteocalcin, according to the study. The study concluded that MK-677 promoted bone turnover in the subjects based on positive indicators of bone resorption and formation.

    MK-677 Side Effects

    Based on a year-long study involving 65 elderly subjects, MK-677 produces the following side effects [10]:

    • Increased cortisol levels
    • Increased appetite
    • Increased fasting blood glucose levels (0.3 mmol/L, 5 mg/dL on average)
    • Edema (mild, transient)
    • Muscle pain (mild, transient)
    • Decreased insulin sensitivity
    • Decreased low-density lipoprotein cholesterol

    These findings are broadly in line with the results of other MK-677 human trials to date, which have not linked the compound to any severe side effects.

    However, there is a clear paucity of data regarding MK-677’s long-term safety, highlighting the need for further work to better understand the effects and safety of long-term MK-677 administration [2].

    Is MK-677 Safe?

    Little is known about the long-term safety of MK-677 administration and the compound has yet to pass a phase II trial. The most recent phase II trial aimed to investigate the safety and efficacy of MK-677 for treating somatropin deficiency in children. The trial was suspended in July 2021 and resumed in May 2022 [11].

    The longest MK-677 study to date lasted 24 weeks and was discontinued due to MK-677’s potential to increase the rate of congestive heart failure (CHF) in elderly test subjects who had been recovering from hip fracture. Researchers noted that MK-677 had an unfavorable safety profile in this narrowly-defined test group [12].

    The state of MK-677 research indicates that a long-term safety study with independent validation is required before drawing any conclusions about the safety of MK-677.

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    MK-677 Dosage Calculator

    As MK-677 has no officially recommended dosage, the above-cited studies offer researchers insight into how to calculate MK-677 dosage.

    According to the literature to date, here is a sample MK-677 research protocol:

    • Daily Dosage: 12.5mg-25mg of MK-677
    • Frequency: Cause subject to ingest one to two 12.5mg MK-577 capsules daily. If the protocol calls for two capsules daily, ingest one in the morning and one in the evening.
    • Study Duration: 1 week-6 months, depending on research objective.
    • Cycle: This compound is typically not “cycled.” However, monitor subject for insulin resistance.
    • Notes: Our preferred vendor, presented below, conveniently sells bottles of 60 MK-677 12.5mg capsules, which in most research cases would represent a one-month supply of the peptide.

    Where to Buy MK-677 Online? | 2024 Edition

    Researchers interested in studying MK-677 may be looking for the best place to buy MK-677 online.

    To assist these researchers, our team has placed small test orders with a number of research peptide suppliers, rating them according to a range of factors including quality, prices, shipping times, and customer service.

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    Here are the main advantages of using Chemyo:

    • Third-Party Testing: Chemyo ensures that each batch of MK-677 is tested by an independent lab for purity and identity. The corresponding lab reports are posted online so that researchers can see the exact quality of the MK-677 they wish to buy.
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    How to Reconstitute MK-677

    Our preferred vendor exclusively sells MK-677 in liquid solution form; 50ml with 25mg/ml.

    There is no reconstitution required.

    How is MK-677 Delivered

    MK-677 is typically delivered orally via liquid solution or capsule.

    How to Take MK-677

    Research indicates that MK-677 is typically given to test subjects in liquid or capsule form, once daily.

    MK-677 For Sale | Verdict

    This guide has summarized the main benefits and side effects when buying MK-677 online, and illuminated worthwhile directions for future research.

    There are clear opportunities for further studies to examine clinically significant endpoints such as quality of life, body composition, and long-term safety.

    Researchers interested in exploring the peptide’s clinical utility may procure research-grade MK-677 from our preferred vendor by clicking here.


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