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 March 12, 2023

Curious about sermorelin in the UK?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, our team of researchers details everything you MUST know about sermorelin, including…

  • What is sermorelin?
  • Is sermorelin legal in the UK?
  • Where to buy sermorelin
  • Sermorelin benefits
  • Sermorelin side effects
  • Sermorelin dosage

For citizens and residents of the UK, this is your definitive guide to sermorelin. 

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What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a synthetic analog of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH), a somatropin agonist that stimulates the release of human growth hormone (HGH) in the pituitary gland.

While endogenous GHRH is composed of 44 amino acids, sermorelin consists of 29 amino acids, a fragment of its natural analog. Also called sermorelin acetate, this synthetic peptide is altered for enhanced bioavailability, potency, and stability while maintaining the full biological activity of organic GHRH [1, 2, 3].

Therapeutic Potential

Human growth hormone is vital to proper physical development from birth and regulates numerous physiological functions into adulthood. These include the maintenance of bone density, body composition, and cardiovascular health. HGH levels naturally decline with age, in some cases leading to weight gain, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction.

Pathologically low levels of HGH are diagnosed as growth hormone deficiency (GHD), which may be congenital or acquired and presents symptoms such as impaired growth in children, insulin resistance, and weakened bones and muscles. Studies indicate that sermorelin increases HGH levels to elicit a range of therapeutic effects, from the treatment of GH deficiency to the possible reduction of body fat, cardiovascular risk, and signs of aging [3, 4, 5, 6, 7].

Research and Development

Until 2008, sermorelin held United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the diagnosis and treatment of GH deficiency. Its market withdrawal was unrelated to its effectiveness or safety record. This and other peptides that increase endogenous GH levels are under close analysis as alternatives to traditional HGH replacement therapy, which entails the administration of recombinant HGH [2, 8].

Sermorelin is among several synthetic research peptides that show therapeutic potential as GH moderators, classed as either GHRH analogs or growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRPs). Both types stimulate endogenous GH release to varying effects, albeit via different receptors. Peptides classed as GHRH analogs include sermorelin, CJC-1295, and tesamorelin. The widely studied GHRPs include ipamorelin, hexarelin, and GHRP-2 [4].

Within this milieu, sermorelin is known not only for its targeted GH release but for its verified safety profile, having undergone full clinical trials for FDA approval, as well as its easy administration and tolerability [2, 3, 8].

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Is Sermorelin Legal in the UK?

Currently, sermorelin does not hold MHRA approval for marketing and sale in medical contexts within the UK. Classed as an unprescribed and uncontrolled substance, it is legal for purchase, sale, and handling exclusively in research settings. This mirrors the legal status of many research peptides in the USA under FDA guidelines [9, 10, 11, 12].

The lack of regulatory approval of many research peptides has unfortunately led to the growth of an illicit market of unauthorized retailers and low-quality peptide products. Such items are marketed with false medical claims, and vendors are subject to legal penalization. Buyers of substandard peptide products within the unregulated market risk severe side effects due to a total absence of quality control.

Regulation of Peptides

This paucity of regulation extends to the legal peptide arena, as well. Because of the field’s novel status, substantial quality control measures have yet to take hold in high-volume peptide manufacturing. This lack of quality assurance hinders the approval of many peptides for clinical trials and medical marketing in the UK and beyond.

However, the number of marketing and clinical trial applications for peptide products has continued to climb in recent years within the EU. This has prompted the EMA to issue a broad proposal of increased quality assurance measures and uniform impurity caps in the large-scale production of peptide therapeutics [13, 14, 15, 16].

The ongoing growth of the peptide market is forecasted with increased federal spending on biotech ventures and rising interest in new medications for soaring mortality rates due to cancer, heart failure, and inflammatory diseases [17, 18].

In short, although the current climate presents some challenges when it comes to the regulatory approval of therapeutic peptides, the industry shows great promise and exponential growth.

Purchase from a Legitimate Source

Fortunately, peptide researchers within the UK can legally attain sermorelin for educational purposes. To assure the legitimacy and safety of peptide purchases, researchers are encouraged to purchase only from vendors that comply with the following measures of credibility [9, 19]:

  1. The peptide retailer must indicate that the available products are intended for strictly research purposes and handling by qualified buyers.
  2. The marketing material should not include direct medical guarantees as to the benefits of peptide administration.
  3. Third-party lab results establishing peptide purity should be readily available on all marketed products to ensure both quality and safety.

With adherence to these benchmarks of vendor quality, researchers can safely and legally incorporate sermorelin and other peptides into their studies [17, 18, 20].

Where to Buy Sermorelin Online? | UK Edition

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Sermorelin Benefits

While sermorelin has been closely studied for its potential to treat and diagnose growth hormone deficiency, it is of interest to clinicians for additional therapeutic effects. Here, we will explore its customary and emerging benefits as evidenced by ongoing analysis.

Treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency [2, 3, 8]

Previously approved in this capacity by the US FDA, sermorelin is shown to boost HGH levels to counter the effects of GH deficiency in both adults and children. While it was marketed primarily as a treatment for idiopathic GHD in children, some clinicians consider it a more effective treatment for adult-onset GHD.

Growth hormone-deficient children tend to require exogenous rhGH supplementation in addition to sermorelin’s endogenous release. Nonetheless, in its homeostatic GH release, sermorelin is free of many of the side effects of traditional GH replacement therapy, such as pituitary suppression and endocrine disruption.

Cardiovascular Health [5, 6, 7]

GHRH analogs have been shown in animal models to have cardioprotective benefits in subjects with heart disease. The administration of GHRH analogs following a heart attack boosts cardiac repair, modulating the inflammatory response to reduce fibrosis and apoptosis while stimulating capillary growth. Ongoing studies indicate the potential of GHRH analogs to treat not only acute myocardial injury due to heart attack but chronic cardiovascular conditions such as valvular dysfunction.

Improved Body Composition [4, 5]

Because HGH is an anabolic agent, sermorelin, like other GHRH analogs, is evidenced to have anabolic effects, leading to increased lean muscle mass. Substantial analysis into the application of sermorelin for this purpose is pending, and studies to date have primarily focused on the anabolic effects of sermorelin in hypogonadal males. In these studies, sermorelin is positively linked with reduced adiposity and greater lean mass, in addition to the attenuation of other GHD symptoms, such as muscular atrophy and insulin resistance.

Anti-aging Effects [5, 6, 8]

While a more substantial investigation into the anti-aging effects of sermorelin in humans is needed, clinical trials indicate its potential to address age-related GH decline, particularly in male subjects. Short-term courses of subcutaneous sermorelin injection have been shown to increase serum levels of HGH and insulin-like growth factor-1 in aging men, thereby improving body composition and skin thickness for anti-aging effect.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the prospective therapeutic benefits of sermorelin. Additional applications such as improved sleep and enhanced athletic performance are of ongoing interest to clinical researchers [4, 6, 8].

Sermorelin Side Effects

Sermorelin has a favorable safety profile to date, having undergone thorough clinical trials for FDA approval in the United States. While it was withdrawn from the market in 2008 for reasons unrelated to safety, this, unfortunately, curtailed authorized studies into the long-term effects of sermorelin [2]. Here, we will review the known findings on its possible side effects.

One early study into the use of sermorelin to treat GHD in children concluded that it is well-tolerated when properly dosed in qualified settings [3]. Further analysis has evidenced several mild and transient side effects. The most commonly noted are facial flushing and pain or irritation at the injection site. Additional adverse effects have been observed in rare cases, such as [21]:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Vomiting
  • Paleness
  • Altered sense of taste

Severe allergic reactions are uncommon and require immediate medical assistance. Symptoms include [21]:

  • Edema, particularly in the face, tongue, and lips
  • Hives or rash
  • Itching
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness

In most instances, side effects are mild and subside with the course of therapy or its termination. Adverse effects are often linked with low-quality peptides and improper handling. Thus, researchers are strongly advised to purchase sermorelin from a trusted source and adhere to established clinical guidelines. For data on the long-term effects of sermorelin usage, researchers are encouraged to keep abreast of emerging studies on the use of GHRH analogs in HGH peptide therapy.

Continue reading to learn the best practices when handling sermorelin, including dosage, supplies, and the proper method of peptide reconstitution for subcutaneous injection.

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Sermorelin Dosage

Because it has undergone full evaluation for FDA approval, sermorelin has clear dosage guidelines in contrast to many research peptides.

Based on leading studies, researchers may refer to the following findings on sermorelin administration [3].

  • For healing purposes, the standard dosage is 200mcg to 300mcg and is to be subcutaneously injected before bedtime once daily.
  • The duration of studies has ranged from 12-24 weeks, and indefinite use is not advised.
  • Cycled dosing is recommended, typically involving a period of cessation of sermorelin that is equal to the study duration.
  • Clinicians advise the regular rotation of injection sites to minimize irritation. Common injection sites for subcutaneous injections include the upper arm, hip, thigh, and abdomen.

There are no clinical dosage standards established for the administration of sermorelin beyond its previously approved use. Trials on sermorelin administration in several therapeutic contexts indicate that optimal dosages and schedules may vary with the desired outcome.

For example, several studies on its anti-aging effects entailed daily injections dosed at 10 mcg/kg for 16 weeks [6, 22]. Another study that particularly examined sermorelin’s muscle-preserving effects in aging males involved daily doses of 2mg for six weeks [23].

Sample Sermorelin Dosing Protocol

The following dosing protocol is recommended for the application of sermorelin to enhance healing and injury recovery.

  • Sermorelin Dosage: 200mcg to 300mcg administered once daily before sleep via subcutaneous injection
  • Course Duration: 12-24 weeks
  • Notes: Sermorelin is available from our recommended vendor in vials of 2mg and 5mg. Three to four 5mg vials would be required to carry out a 24-week study per these guidelines correctly.
    Researchers are encouraged to stay up-to-date with all relevant findings on therapeutic sermorelin administration for clinical safety and efficacy.

Looking to learn more about BPC-157 dosing? Just click here.

Bacteriostatic Water and Injections

Research peptides such as sermorelin are often sold as lyophilized powders and require reconstitution with a sterile solvent before subcutaneous injection. Experts agree that bacteriostatic water is the best solvent for this purpose.

Bacteriostatic Water Facts

Bacteriostatic water is made of sterile water with a small amount of benzyl alcohol, which stops the growth of bacteria to prevent contamination. The preservative agent extends the shelf life of peptide solutions while lowering the risk of infection when correctly handled and stored. Plus, it efficiently dissolves most peptide powders without compromising purity levels [24, 25].

Supplies Needed

These materials are needed to correctly reconstitute sermorelin for subcutaneous injection:

  • Vial of bacteriostatic water
  • Vial of lyophilized MT-I
  • Sterile syringe
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Additional sterile vials and needles are useful

Reconstitution Process

The sermorelin reconstitution process is as follows:

  1. Wipe all materials with an alcohol pad to reduce the risk of contamination. Don’t neglect the vial tops, as the syringe will touch these.
  2. Push the sterile syringe into the vial of bacteriostatic water vial and remove the correct amount. This may vary but is typically around 1mL.
  3. Slowly release the bacteriostatic water into the sermorelin vial, allowing the powder to thoroughly dissolve.
  4. Do not agitate or stir the vial, as this could damage the contents. The solution will be clear when properly reconstituted. If sonication is available, this can be applied to quicken the process.
  5. If the powder does not completely dissolve, a stronger solvent is needed.
  6. Unused bacteriostatic water solutions can be stored in the refrigerator for later use within 28 days.
  7. Exact dosage and storage guidelines may vary. Adhere to product indications.

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Sermorelin in the UK | Overall

Sermorelin is a well-researched peptide that continues to hold the interest of clinicians for its numerous therapeutic benefits and excellent safety profile. The synthetic somatropin agonist is proven to increase growth hormone levels with a range of effects, from the treatment of growth hormone deficiency to increased lean muscle mass and improved cardiovascular health.

UK researchers can safely and legally handle sermorelin and other popular research peptides when purchased from a legitimate retailer.

>The go-to peptide source for leading peptide researchers worldwide is Peptide Sciences, our highest recommendation for buying sermorelin in the UK.


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