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 January 22, 2024

Curious about MK-677 for hair growth?

With the rising number of reports of growth hormone secretagogues being used to address hair loss, researchers are now interested in studying MK-677 for hair growth.

To date, however, no clinical studies have explored the compound’s effect on hair growth. So, what must researchers know before investigating the potential benefits of MK-677?

In this guide, we summarize the findings of past studies and outline the known effects of MK-677 in the context of hair growth. 

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What is MK-677?

MK-677 is a research chemical also known as ibutamoren mesylateone or, more simply, ibutamoren. It is an orally active, selective agonist of the ghrelin receptor that behaves exactly like GHRP-6 and can stimulate the release of GH and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) without affecting levels of cortisol.

The origins of MK-677 can be traced back to the 1970s and the development of the first growth hormone-releasing peptide, GHRP-6—which mimics the naturally occurring hormone ghrelin and stimulates the release of human growth hormone (HGH) [1].

MK-677 can be administered orally—rather than via injection, and has a long enough half-life to render once daily administration suitable. Like GHRP-6, MK-677’s binds to growth hormone secretagogue receptors and stimulates the production and release of endogenous somatotropin [2].

MK-677 has yet to pass Phase 2 or 3 clinical trials and currently is not approved for medical use by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), nor by any of its international regulatory counterparts. MK-677 is classified by the USFDA as an Investigational New Drug and there is strong research interest in its effects and benefits, namely as potential treatment of growth hormone deficiency [1].

mk-677 hair growth

Does MK-677 Actually Work For Hair Growth?

Despite numerous anecdotal reports of MK-677 triggering hair growth, no clinical study has investigated the use of MK-677 to that end.

In fact, the highest phase yet reached by any MK-677 research study is a Phase 2 clinical trial for somatropin deficiency in children that is currently ongoing [3]. This lack of research into MK-677 for hair growth presents numerous opportunities for further study.

Below, we summarize the key MK-677 benefits and effects observed in past studies and trials. Namely, we focus on three key MK-677 effects that may facilitate healthy hair growth: increased levels of GH, increased levels of IGF-1, and increased collagen production.

MK-677 Benefits | Clinical Trials

While there is no published research showing what benefits MK-677 may offer for hair growth, data from past clinical studies give an insight into the main effects that MK-677 appears to have on test subjects [4]. To assist researchers, we have summarized these findings below.

MK-677 Raises GH Levels

The main effect of MK-677 is that it has a strong impact on blood plasma levels of growth hormone (GH) [4]. According to a 2021 study into the role of GH in human hair follicle (HF) biology, acromegaly has been associated with androgen-independent growth of body hair. This has led some researchers to actively explore whether administering GHSs like MK-677 may produce hair growth. According to the study’s authors, the role that GH plays in HF biology is “largely uncharted”, indicating that further study may be warranted [5].

It should be stressed that no research has linked GH or any GHSs (including MK-677) to hair growth in healthy (non-GH-deficient) test subjects.

MK-677 Elevates Levels of IGF-1

MK-677 also has a significant impact on insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels [4]. A 2018 study found clinical evidence that IGF-1 does affect hair growth and alopecia. Researchers found that patients who had undergone surgical resection of the pituitary gland and therefore had IGF-1 deficiency suffered from changes to follicular proliferation, tissue remodeling, and the hair growth cycle [6]. These findings led some researchers to theorize that MK-677, which increases levels of IGF-1, may affect hair growth.

There is similarly no research to date linking IGF-1 or GHSs to hair growth in healthy test subjects (i.e. those without IGF-1 deficiency). Notably, there are concerns that MK-677’s long half-life may cause ghrelin receptors to become over-stimulated [7], giving weight to the argument that further research into the long-term use of MK-677 is necessary to judge its effect on hair growth [8].

MK-677 and Collagen Production

As collagen is key to the health of scalp and hair follicles, there is strong interest in collagen supplementation for hair growth. Data from several bone studies linking MK-677 to higher levels of procollagen and collagen in test subjects has consequently driven research interest in MK-677 for hair growth.

Of particular note is a 1998 clinical trial that found that MK-677 increased type I procollagen levels by 23%, procollagen III peptide levels by 28%, and serum levels of the carboxy-terminal cross-linked telopeptide of type I collagen by 26% at 8 weeks [9].

Similar results were obtained from a 1999 study, which found that MK-677 increases markers of bone turnover in healthy, functionally-impaired elderly adults [10], and from a 2011 study involving elderly patients recovering from hip fracture, where researchers administered 25mg of MK-677 daily for up to 24 weeks [11].

While these studies do not link MK-677 directly to hair growth, they show that this compound increases collagen production in research subjects. As some researchers have noted, there is evidence that collagen supplementation can enhance skin qualities such as elasticity and hydration, which may improve the strength and/or thickness of hair [12].

MK-677 Dosage Guide

While there is strong research interest in the application of MK-677 for hair loss, there is no published research to show the dosage at which the compound might be administered to this end.

Based on the available research, a sample MK-677 protocol for hair growth, such as its impact on hair follicles, might be as follows:

  • Daily Dosage: 12.5-25mg of MK-677 (1-2 12.5mg capsules).
  • Frequency: For subjects being administered 25mg daily, administer one capsule in the AM and one in the PM.
  • Study Duration: Four to twelve weeks, as needed to observe the effect of MK-677 on the subject’s hair growth. As a precautionary measure, monitor the subject for insulin resistance.
  • Cycle: MK-677 should not be cycled for this research objective.
  • Notes: 12.5mg MK-677 capsules are available from most vendors, including our preferred vendor. A 60 capsule bottle represents a one or two month supply of MK-677, based on this protocol.

mk-677 hair growth

Where to Buy MK-677 Online? | 2024 Edition

Researchers interested in studying MK-677 for hair growth are likely wondering where to safely source the compound.

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MK-677 and Hair Growth | Verdict

Although there are no published studies investigating MK-677 for hair growth, there is compelling evidence that administering the compound increases GH, IGF-1, and collagen levels in research subjects. These effects, whether by themselves or cumulatively, may have some positive impact on hair strength and/or thickness.

However, more research is needed to before drawing definitive conclusions.

Researchers looking to explore the effects of MK-677 on hair growth should head over to our top-rated vendor.


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